Saturday, September 22, 2012

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Burgers (Sliders)


There are people who don't like Vegemite, a minority of the population detest peas, and then there are those (like me, or is it just me?) who aren't particularly fond of beetroot. But I bet everyone (by that, I mean most people in general) loves teriyaki sauce. It's like a sweet soy-based barbecue sauce that goes with almost anything. The kids in particular enjoy having it with either grilled salmon or chicken, served with steamed rice. This time, I decided to make mini teriyaki chicken burgers (sliders) using round dinner rolls that I bought from the Vietnamese bakery. The size of these rolls are ideal for little hands and it makes me beam with joy when the kids ask for seconds (they love 'em!). These buns are actually really good, because they are similar to the ones used for Vietnamese pork rolls, which have a thin and flaky crust on the outside, with a light and fluffy interior.

I made two versions of these teriyaki chicken sliders - one using dinner rolls, and the other using rice cakes. The rice cakes are basically sushi rice (calrose or short-grained rice) which have been cooked and compressed into rice cakes. I used an egg ring to mould and compress them into shape, with the aid of cling wrap. They are similar to grilled onigiri (see Nami's recipe here) except that I've shaped them differently. Then I simply grilled them in a lightly greased skillet, followed with a light glaze of teriyaki sauce over the top which I grilled again until lightly charred.

The rice burgers are assembled by sandwiching it with grilled teriyaki chicken (see recipe here) which I then brushed with extra teriyaki sauce, and topped with lettuce, red onions and mayonnaise. It was delicious, regardless of the fact that it was a little fiddly and messy to eat because the chicken fillet kept sliding off the rice cake. Wrapping the burger in some greaseproof paper helped to hold it together a little. Next time, I would probably substitute the chicken thigh fillets with meat patties instead (click here for teriyaki meatball recipe which you can shape into meat patties to make these burgers). Otherwise, just serve the teriyaki chicken on classic dinner rolls (I grilled these buns in the pan to crisp and warm them up) - quick, simple and equally delicious!


  1. i wish i am able to grap one burger right now, it look so tempting and delicious!

  2. Oh, the burger looks so tempting! Just good for weekend lunch! Converting the Onigiri to burger, is it easy to hold it all up together to give it a good big bite? It looks very presentable and gorgeous looking rice burger.

  3. Lovely idea. The rice buns are a great idea and I'm a big teryaki fan, my husband love my teryaki salmon, but this is just another level in burners, thanks.

    BTW I love all of the above mentioned, especially beetroot LOL.

  4. @Debs: You will never see a beetroot recipe in my website (except for deep-fried beet chips) :-p

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  6. What a fantastic idea! Really love the rice buns ;-))

  7. Yums! Except I dont know where to buy rice buns in the US

  8. ooohhhh...supposed to make your own rice buns!!!

  9. What a fabulous idea!
    My kids would love this.
    I'm glad I found your blog.
    Love your blog. I'm your newest follower.
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  10. OHHHHH! Have you tried MOS Rice Burger at MOS Burger? There are MOS burger (Japanese burger chain) in Taiwan, but not sure if MOS Burgers are in Australia or SE Asia... Anyway, it's VERY popular and famous for the rice burger. Yours look much better than MOS rice burger, Fern. Your photos always make me hungry. You should sell that photo to MOS Burger. Haha! Thanks for your link. You are very kind. :)

  11. OMG I've been searching for this recipe for so long and it was impossible to see it else where. And I just bumped into your recipe via Pinterest. A wonderful find! I must try it right away this weekend. Thank yoU!


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