Saturday, October 4, 2014

Not quite Bistecca Fiorentina

Based on the recipe "Bistecca Fiorentina with shallots, garlic and mushrooms" from Gary Mehigan Favourites.  The only difference is, I couldn't get hold of aged T-bone steak, which is of course the main ingredient. Still, it tasted superb especially with the caramelized shallots, creamy roasted garlic and tasty mushrooms, all covered in a sweet tangy balsamic vinegar sauce.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yakitori with Yaki Onigiri (Grilled chicken with grilled rice ball)

Grilling chicken tends to dry out the meat easily, so these chicken skewers are best made with drumstick or thigh fillets, and never breast fillets.  If you want to add some chicken skin on the skewers, that's even better (but entirely optional). Yakitori ("grilled chicken") is typically Japanese grilled chicken on bamboo skewers, and could either be plainly seasoned with salt ("shio") or basted with "tare" sauce, which is what I've done here. The kids love it, and it's just something about food served on a stick that makes it so appealing.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Churros with maple glaze

These are choux-pastry type churros, as opposed to the more traditional (I think?!) churros which uses flour and boiling water in making the dough. I tried the latter method a long time ago, and it didn't turn out as I had hoped. So I decided to stick to these ones instead, with a little twist by covering it in a maple syrup glaze. I also made a chocolate sauce (by melting some chocolate in hot milk) for the kids to dunk their churros into. Churros are also referred to as Spanish doughnuts, and are relatively easier and quicker to make compared to regular yeast doughnuts, simply because there's no need to proof the dough.They are also wonderfully light, fluffy and buttery, with a sweet and crunchy exterior that is accentuated by the ridges characteristic of this popular street food.