Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spring Rolls & Lettuce Wraps

Here are my attempts at making popiah (spring roll) skin, though I doubt I will be doing this again unless my cravings take over, and until I get a cast iron skillet, which I suspect may be the key to making a good popiah skin (It's sort of like making crepe, except that instead of using a batter, you make a dough from plain flour, water and oil). I used a non-stick pan and it didn't work too well for me as I had some difficulty trying to get the dough to stick to the pan, resulting in quite a mess. I think I managed to produce about 50 pieces all in all, which were not too bad, though some were rather erratically shaped, but I prefer to call them "rustic". Oh well, it did look easy when I watched how it was made on youtube :)

Spring rolls filled with lettuce, vinegared chilli, kecap manis, jicama/turnip, carrots, pork mince, chinese sausage (lapcheong), ground peanuts, crispy fried shallots

My favourite - lettuce wraps with jicama/turnip and pork mixture

I used the spring roll skins and filled them with lettuce, bulgogi beef and bean sprouts