Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gravy Mee Suah with Deep-fried Chicken Cutlet

I realised that the kids actually like eating mee suah (wheat flour vermicelli), so I made another version of mee suah for dinner last night, serving it with a starchy gravy and topped with some deep fried chicken cutlets. It would have been perfect if I had some oysters to go with them, although I must admit that I've only had Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua only once in my life and that was a very long time ago. So I have very little memory of what it tasted like, except that it had a gooey starchy gravy and tiny blobs of creamy oysters in it.

Here's what I used in making the gravy:

  1. Chopped garlic, ginger slices and spring onions
  2. Light soy, a little dark soy, oyster sauce, mushroom soy sauce (optional), chicken/ikan bilis stock powder, dried shrimp (optional), dried scallops, sesame oil, black vinegar, chinese cooking wine, pepper and pinch of salt (not too much as the vermicelli itself is slightly salty)
  3. Tapioca starch and cornflour for thickening
Ladle the gravy over prepared mee suah and top with deep fried chicken cutlet, fried shallots and spring onions. Serve with some minced garlic and chilli if desired.