Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simple Vanilla and Marble Cupcakes

This is based on a fantastic cupcake recipe from Exclusively Food. I couldn't stop myself at just one cupcake, so I had two! Who says cupcakes are for kids? (The kids mostly just ate the icing and sugared flowers, leaving the soft, fluffy, moist and buttery cake for me!).

Well, that was yesterday. This morning I tried the marble cupcakes, and they tasted even better than plain vanilla ones! Both taste good, although next time, I might use unsalted/reduced salt butter instead of regular salted butter, so as to let the natural sweetness of butter shine through. To make marbled cupcakes using the above recipe, just divide the batter into two portions and fold through about a tablespoon of baking cocoa to one portion. Then place a dollop of each batter into the cupcake case and swirl lightly with a skewer or knife.

The kids love the dainty little sugared flowers

Z wanted chocolate cupcakes, so I compromised by making a choc-vanilla marble cupcake

Z's partially eaten vanilla cupcake with multi-coloured sprinkles

Wonderfully moist, soft and fluffy buttery vanilla cupcakes