Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pumpkin Ravioli with Burnt Butter, Crispy Sage and Toasted Pinenuts

A giant pumpkin ravioli drizzled with burnt butter sauce and garnished with crispy sage leaves and toasted pinenuts - a classic combination which I absolutely love!

This is one of my favourite pasta dishes - a great classic combination that is simple and delicious. I didn't have a pasta machine, so rolling out the dough as thinly as possible was a bit of a challenge. Unless you want to work those upper abdominal muscles and biceps (which is where I'm feeling sore right now), I would recommend rolling it out with a machine, or else, just use wonton/gow gee wrappers. I will probably try doing that next time! :)

As I didn't want to waste the pasta dough trimmings, I decided to deep-fry them until they puffed up nice and crispy, and then dusted them with plenty of icing sugar. Homemade Crostoli! It was a hit with the kids, but of course, how can they not love anything deep-fried, crispy and covered in sugar?

The ravioli filling is made from oven-roasted pumpkin, mashed together with parmesan, sauteed garlic and chopped pinenuts, then seasoned with salt and black pepper, and a sprinkling of dried italian herbs

Used leftover shreds of pasta dough and fried them up to make Crostoli, dusted with icing sugar