Sunday, July 10, 2011

Food Memory: Vanilla-Lime Ice-Cream Jelly

When I was little (somewhere between ages 5 and 10 I think), my dad used to bring me to the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant (now known as just KFC, arousing many conspiracy theories), which was one of two fast food restaurants in my hometown at the time. It was always a treat for me to go there. It was a pretty big outlet - twice the size of the local fried chicken outlet, McDota. I found the chicken was crispier and tasted better. The fries were also made from real potatoes, unlike the soggy sweet potato fries sold by its competitor. And of course, it had my favourite ICE-CREAM JELLY! It was flavoured jelly (or jello) set in a tall (everything seemed bigger back then) milkshake glass with a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice-cream on top. I was intrigued by this fantastic combination that I loved so much and it has been one of my fondest food memories since then!

I happened to have some lime jelly in the fridge that I made a few days ago after Z kept bugging me to make some. We also bought some Nestle Connoisseur vanilla ice-cream yesterday after seeing it on sale at the supermarket. Perfect! I brought out the plastic milkshake glass that we got from the Easter Show a few years ago, scooped all the jelly into it and topped it with some rich and creamy vanilla ice-cream. I tossed in some strawberries and scattered Hundreds and Thousands over it to complete the "look".

When I first ate it, it instantly hit me that it tasted just like "Split" ice-cream! At least that's what I think it was called. It was ice-cream on a stick, with green lime-flavoured ice outside and a creamy vanilla centre. The perfect combination! I remember eating these things a long time ago, and getting my teeth frozen biting the ice to get through to the middle. Well, today the kids bought more packets of jelly mix from the supermarket, though not green this time. I have a feeling that tub of vanilla ice-cream in the freezer might not last very long...:)