Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bulgogi Beef

Bulgogi (meaning "fire meat" in Korean, referring to the method of cooking the meat over an open flame as in bbq) is a popular Korean barbecue beef dish that is simple and easy to prepare. It comprises thin slices of beef with scallions and sesame seeds, and a delicious sweet-tasting sauce which goes perfectly with steamed white rice. Here is the recipe for the bulgogi that I made for tonight's dinner. The sweetness in the sauce is enhanced by the sake (Japanese rice wine), which makes this dish taste so good!

Bulgogi Beef Recipe


500g scotch fillet, sliced or shaved into thin strips
1 onion, sliced into half rings
2 stalks scallions, cut into 2 inch lengths
1 tbsp sesame oil
1/4 cup water
2 tsp toasted sesame seeds
Olive oil for frying

Marinade (finely blended and mixed together):
1/2 onion
1/2 nashi pear
6 cloves garlic
6 tbsp soy sauce (I used Kikkoman)
3 tbsp sake
2 1/2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tbsp honey
1 tsp ground black pepper


Combine beef with marinade and leave for 3-4 hours.

Heat up a large pan with a little olive oil. Fry the onions for 1-2 minutes. Push them aside and add the beef, spreading them out evenly in the pan. When the beef is almost cooked, add the rest of the marinade, sesame oil, scallions and 1/4 cup water. Mix through with the onions and let it simmer briefly until beef is cooked. Stir through the sesame seeds, dish out onto a serving plate and serve hot with steamed white rice.

  1. Pop the beef in the freezer for 3-4 hours before slicing / shaving them into paper thin strips.
  2. You can also serve the beef on a bed of stir-fried beansprouts or some sauteed mushrooms.


Lisa Ho said...

This Bulgogi looks amazing... and the photo is so inviting :D

Fern @ To Food With Love said...

Thank you Lisa :)

Cuisine Paradise said...

Gosh! Your Bulgogi look sooooo delicious! Have bookmarked this recipe. I want to try this as I always order this with saba combi :p