Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick and Easy: Udon Noodles with Pork in Miso Broth

It had been raining all day, so we decided to stay indoors, and I prepared a quick and simple lunch using udon noodles in a broth made with dashi stock (I bought a box of it that came in powdered form, packed in portion-sized sachets), soy sauce and white miso paste. To that, I added some fishballs, ground pork (which I marinated with soy, sesame oil and a little miso), sweet corn kernels and an egg, and garnished it with chopped spring onions and a sheet of nori. The kids simply loved it! I put in a dash of chilli oil to my portion of the noodles to give it some kick, and it was delish! A satisfying meal of hot noodle soup on a cold and rainy winter's day!


mycookinghut said...

I can eat this right now! Looks appetising!

To Food With Love said...

Thanks! Simple but satisfying!