Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fish, Nori and a little Sriracha


I've been trying to get the kids to eat more fish recently, so I bought some ocean perch fillets over the weekend as they are a nice smooth flaky fish. I found some panko crumbs and nori sheets in the pantry and decided to do crispy crumbed nori-wrapped fish nuggets. As all the kids were at home, I had to prepare something quick and easy for their dinner, so this seemed like a good idea.

First, I cut up the nori sheets into strips. After slicing the fish into bite-sized nuggets (seasoned with salt and pepper), I simply used strips of nori to wrap around the fish, sealing them with a little beaten egg. Then I prepared 3 bowls which had flour, a beaten egg and panko crumbs. Then it was simply dip-dunk-and-crumb and into the deep-fryer (or just a wok with enough hot oil for deep-frying). And unlike deep-frying chicken, fish only takes a minute or so to cook. I also prepared a Sriracha mayo dip to go with it, using one part Sriracha chilli sauce to two parts mayonnaise. It has a nice tangy garlicky flavour that goes well with the crumbed nori fish. We loved it, and most importantly, it was a hit with the kids too.